PrePlanning does not mean PrePaying....

We have always understood the value of being prepared, especially with the right information.  When it comes to this kind of planning there are lots of "experts" who will tell you what you have to do.  Please know our approach is very low key.  We will openly and honestly answer all your questions.

There are several parts to the process. 

  • Obtaining Vital Statistics - This is the information we need to complete the government forms, i.e. Death Certificate, Social Security notification, and various VA forms.
  • Obituary Creation - We do collect the individual parts of the information and help you craft the exact wording for the newspapers and here on our web site.  Many choose to write their own, and that is fine with us.  We will gladly make suggestions and assist with the placement of the obituary and photo.

We have a form to assist you in collecting this information.  You may download it for you to  complete on your computer and save it, then print it or e-mail it to us or other family members; or you may  print it out and complete by hand.

  • Creating a Memorial service - We want to assist you in creating a service that "speaks to the life lived."  We created an informative pamphlet called "Our Home" as a helpful planning tool. 
  • Monitary considerations - Service and Merchandise options do need to be considered.  We offer lots of choices.  We offer the prices of our services and merchandise here in this Guided Funeral Planner for your information.  We hope you find it helpful.


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